1963 Girls Western Flyer

As all projects go this has a story also! My sister lives in Illinois in walking distance to a tractor show. So every year I try to go and spend the weekend with her. We were looking in the flea market and there was a man that had a couple of rebuilt of Schwinn bikes. I believe that both of them were in the $800 range. My sister just fell in love with them but knew it was too much money and just really dreaming!

When we got back home I started thinking about the bikes and my sister. I have a good friend in southern Illinois that has a small farm. In one of the barns was an old girl's bike. Kyle said I have something for you and it was the old bike. I really did not want it and he knew it. If I did not take it he was going to through it in the trash because it was in the way. So I brought it home and it sat in my shed for about 5 years.

Once all of this happens with her I decided to get busy and build her a fun project. The bike is a Western Flyer three speed. It was built by Raleigh (English Racer) for Western Auto. I did some investigating on the Internet to learn more about the bike. I found out how to read the date codes off of the components of the bike. One sure way was the rear 3-speed hub. They always stamp the year when it was manufactured. The following is a series of pictures for the bike tear down:

I should have taken more pictures of the build process but here is the completed project. My sister just loved it she said that is one of the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for her. Hope you enjoy also: