Tool Stands

I am in the process of changing the workshop again. I have had an old work bench for the last 25 years that my father help me build when I got out of the service. I initially used it for an electronic work bench but then it ended out in the garage. Needless to say that old work bench has given me good service over the years. This old work bench was not very heavy and tended to bounced pretty good when using any kind of hand saw. Things would start to fall off of the shelf's that were attached to it. This workbench also held my grinder and wire-wheel. I did not have enough room to work on any thing. I decide to replace the workbench and build some tool stands for the wire-wheel, grinder and I had enough old parts to build a buffer. I found some old car rims to build the stands. They sat outside of the garage for sometime because I was building another project. In trying to accumulate all of the material for these stands I happen to be over visiting a friend his name is Jeff. He had build some of his own stands. What he had used were replacement tractor disk. They are round and convex. Farmers use them to breakup the ground after they plow. They really look nice more of a finish look than using car rims. So I went to one of the local farm supplies and bought two 22 inch disk and one 16 inch disk. The 22 inch will be used for the buffer and grinder these items are pretty large and heavy items. I did not want them to tip over. The 16 inch will be used for the wire wheel it is pretty small and not very heavy so should work well. Here are some pictures building the stands:

This is a picture of the tool stand This is a picture of the tool stand

This is a picture of the tool stand This is a picture of the New Buffer