Third Hand

A year ago I got to go to a model engineering show in Pennsylvania called Cabin Fever. I went with two friends of mine Kyle from Illinois and Kim in Pennsylvania. We stayed with Kim and had a great time. Kim had bought this third hand from an estate sale. We talked about it for a while noting that neither one of us had ever seen one. I was pretty impressed with it and Kim said that he would give me all of the brass for it. How could you turn that down!!!! I started to make sketches of the project and take measurements. I will put the measurements in later because I do not have them with me at the moment. Here is a couple of pictures of Kim's third hand.

This is a picture of the Kim's Third Hand

This is a picture of Kim's Third Hand

Kim's shop is a great place to work so he let me use it when he went to work. Making the arms you had to use a ball turner on the lathe. I had never used one before. The one that Kim had was a kit made by Andy at MLA Tool Box in Pennsylvania. If you ever have a chance to meet Andy you will sure enjoy it. He is very knowledgeable about machining and building projects. Here is a picture of his ball turner (the picture shows setting up the cutting tool height to cut the ball):

. This is a picture of the Andy's Ball Turner

I had a great time turning the arms. As you can see I made my knuckles different than Kim's Third Hand. I had a old aluminum cabinet that I used for the bottom. Overall I really like the turn out. Everything was machined except the screws. Here is the finish product, I have not used it much but I sure like how it all turned out. Hope you enjoy looking at it

. This is a picture of the Finish Third Hand This is a picture of the Finish Third Hand