Schwinn Semi-Stingray

I have kept this old frame for years. It was left at my old house in New York back in the 80's. I guess I thought that I would find some old Schwinn parts someday and build it. I retired in 2007 and started riding with a friend of mine that owns a bike shop. I asked him one day about working part time well I got a job in the late summer. In the fall it is kind of slow so I started bring projects to work on to pass the time. I had this old frame and thought I could find enough parts to put it together. This shop was started in the early 70's so as you can imagine there are some old parts lying around. Here is a picture of the frame:

I stripped the paint and started on the build process. Here is a set of pictures of the finish Schwinn.

I was lucky to find an old Schwinn speedometer. It took some work to get it to turn. The grease had harden. I used WD40 and let it soak for about a week. It really works well.

Next I found enough parts to build an antique generator set.

The bike shop also had this old seat. It has a few small tears but I thought I would leave it alone and just use it as is. I think it looks pretty good.

Have some of you ever seen "HUB Shiners" I had the leather straps so I thought it would look good on this old bike!!!

Hope you enjoyed this project: