Sand Blasting Cabinate

I have been working on a lot of old rusty equipment and have always thought it would be nice to have a sand blasting cabinate.

A friend of mine David West had a old cabinate from the university. He said that it had set by the barn in a pile of metal for at lease 20 years. This would make a great sand blasting cabinate. Here is a picture of it before I began the build process:

I had some old bed rails that I used for the frame. If you ever have a city wide cleanup look for metal bed rails they are great for different projects. I also started on the chute that would hold the blasting beads and make a hopper that would pickup the material again for the blast gun. From the picture below you can see that I used construction paper for my chute before I cut the sheet metal and did the bend process.

I used pieces of angle iron to bend the sheet metal for the hopper. Here is a picture of the legs and the finish chute. This is really the completed product. My neighbor help me to cut the glass. I also added new gloves and rebuilt the sand blaster gun. This has been a great project. If you do not have a existing cabinate I have seen some great plans on the internet using plywood for the cabinate. Hope you enjoy: