New Workshop

I had an existing shed in the backyard that needed a lot of work after 18 years. It had water damage, termite damage and needed a new roof so I decided for my retirement that I hope to do in a few years that I would build a new building to keep my tractor, engines and yard tools. Well, this ideal grew into allot bigger project than I intended in the beginning. So I started to talk with some builders and the new workshop started to emerge. It grew from a 12 x 12 foot building to a 28 x 16 foot building with a 5 foot covered porch. It took all summer of 2004 to complete because of several factors. One, I was grandfather in with the old building to be closer that 10 foot from the property line. When the builder started to take down the old building he should have left a single wall. Well, taking it down the city inspectors came by and revoked my building permit so I had to go before the zoning board and after two months got my building permit back. We designed a Gambrel roof (barn style) so I have a full second floor for storage. The bottom floor has room for tools, workbench and misc. I hope to use the building to tear projects apart and be able to use it as a second work shop from the one in the garage. It has really turn out good and I look forward to many hours working there.

Here is some pictures of the new workshop:

This is a picture of the outside of the workshop

This is a picture of the inside of the workshop