Gibson Tractor

As you know by now, I have always enjoyed working on old equipment and this is no exception. I bought this Gibson Tractor September 15, 2003 and just got it home. The reason that I bought this type of tractor is that when I was younger I had one just like it. It really was in bad shape but I got it to run and used it around my house to plow snow, grade the rock on the driveway and land scape the yard. As all good thing must end, I had to sell it when we made a move with my company and I had to move out of state. So since that time 20 years ago I have always dreamed about owning another one.

This year a friend and I was attending a tractor show in Booneville MO. This is really a great show if you ever get a chance to attend. We went back by a old engine shed and here was my old tractor, it was just like one I had. This Gibson had a For Sale Sign on it. Well you know what happen next. I was a proud owner of a new toy!!!! You really do not see them much anymore. I just know of two in this area in Mid-Missouri and I own one of them. The other one is own by a man near Eldon MO.

My new Gibson Tractor is a model D that was built around 1947. Here is a brief history of the company and pictures of the tractors they built. 'Gibson History'

I have already power-washed the tractor and here are some pictures of it. I will be tearing it down soon to work on it and paint it. It has a bad front wheel bearing and one of the brakes does not work. Also one of the arms for the plow needs to be remade. It should have been bar steel but was made out of angle iron. Also the steering is loose and new shims will need to be made. The carburetor is leaking and needs work also. But overall it is in pretty good shape and runs well. Well here are the pictures and I will add new ones as I restore.

Here is a set of pictures before the restoration.

This is a picture of my grandson and me This is a picture of the Gibson

Here are some pictures of the restoration. It was worst than I thought. I started taking things off and as I did I would clean and paint. I got to the tractors rearend and started cleaning the axles. The dust cap fell off of one of the bearings. Also one of the brakes did not work. So I started to take apart that side. Goo and water ran out of the brake housing assembly. So I ended up replacing two axle bearings including the pinion gear bearings and all of the seals. I also found a man in town to rebuild my brakes with new linings. So this has ended in a total rebuild. The input shaft bearing for the transmission had to be replace. I had to put the whole transmission in a press to get the bearing in and out. That sure was a trick. All of the steering arms have had new bushing made and brazed in. It sure is a lot tighter now. I also made new pins for everything they were pretty worn. Had to replace one side of the front wheel bearings. The castle nut was cross threaded. So I had to chase the threads and get a new bolt. So as you can imagine I had a ton of broken bolts and hours with the torch taking things apart and fabricating new parts. Every free minute for the last three months has been spent on it. I think that I still have a couple of months yet to finish it depending on how much I have to travel with my company.

This is a picture of the Gibson This is a picture of the Gibson

Well as you can see the main part of the tractor is complete. I am working on the plow and the dozer blade for the front. It is complete except for making a lift arm. My grandson sure enjoys riding the tractor. This is a picture of the Gibson