Buzz Coil

Needing a way to generate a spark for my Hit and Miss Engines I was talking with one of my friends George Arney. He had built a buzz coil substitute using a car coil and 12 volt relay. Here is the specs: that I received from George:

I don't mind if you put the schematic on your web site. Maybe it will help some folks out there that need a buzz coil or want to experiment making one. It's not all my design or idea though. I seen a few at the engine shows similar to it. They used the solid state relay but were basically the same. I did a web search a while ago too and there are 3 or 4 sites with different schematics to build buzz coils. One of the sites used a relay kind of like the one I use. I got the parts at Auto Zone for mine. I used the Wells F- 1598 condenser and Wells C-819 ignition coil and GP Sorensen 41-5100 relay. I bought some relays on e-bay the other day that was single pole double throw (SPDT) 30 amp rated relays. They work real good too.

I created a schematic of the Buzz Coil. Hope this comes in handy??? This is a schematic of the Buzz Coil