Metal Working Bandsaw

I was in Ill. at a used machine recycler. Laying on the ground was a old woodworking band saw. I ask the owner what he wanted for it and I made a new purchase for $25. Not sure I got a good deal or not but I could see a new project brewing!!!

I have wanted a metal cutting band saw for a long time but just never could find a old one in my price range. Since I got this one I started to work on how I could slow it down enough to cut metal. I had a DC motor with a gear reduction on it. The motor ran at a pretty high rate of speed but not sure at this moment what it was. It seem like it was in the 3600 rpm. The gear reduction was 5 to 1. I then found a 7 inch pully at the local hardware store. That seem to get it down to a slow enough rate to at lease cut sheet metal. I did have it calculated at one time but can not remember what it was!!!!

Here is a picture of the bandsaw:

Using a DC motor on AC, I had to use a fullwave rectifier to change from AC to DC. The rectifier was a 25 amp unit, it really worked well. I had to make new idler wheels for the saw guides. Also I made a stand that would not rock easily. That is why I made a three legged stand. I have tried to cut thicker plate steel but it does not do a very good job. I used bi-metal blades, that might be the problem. The other thing is the blades tend to twist. It would be nice to try some thicker blades maybe up to a 1/2" in width. Overall I have used it a lot cutting printed circuit board, aluminum, and sheet metal. I would still like to have a self feeding bandsaw that would cut bar stock. Here is a picture of the finish bandsaw:

Hope you enjoy!!!!!